Biobank 3 Hoorn Diabetes Care System Follow up

The Hoorn Diabetes Care System cohort (DCS) is a prospective cohort representing a comprehensive dataset on the natural course of T2D. The cohort consists of persons with T2D in primary care from the West-Friesland region of the Netherlands. Enrolment in the cohort started in 1998 and this prospective dynamic cohort currently holds >15.000 persons with T2D. In subgroups of the cohort, biobanking and additional measurements have been performed to obtain information on, for example, lifestyle, depression and genetics. The 3rd Biobank Hoorn Diabetes Care System Follow up will take place from the end of 2023. The current DCS biobank has contributed substantially to knowledge on determinants for diabetes complications in people with T2D, including for example magnesium. Metabolic risk factors of interest are however time dependent and are influenced by treatment regimens, ageing and lifestyle. A new follow-up effort is needed because of recent changes in the treatment of diabetes including a larger range of oral hypoglycemic agents, to extent the current DCS biobank population sample and to obtain follow up samples from participants.

What does the study involve?
We will sample from the DCS prospective cohort, which included all DCS participants. During the study visits for this study, various measurements are taken, such as height, weight, body circumferences, blood pressure and a scan of the liver. Biological material from participants is also stored in the biobank. The body material that is stored is blood, DNA and RNA, urine and feces. This material and the data collected during the study visit are used for medical-scientific research.

Study status
The first study visits took place in January 2024.


Prof. dr. P.J.M. Elders, Dr. F. Rutters, Dr. M. Blom

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