The Early HFpEF study

The early heart failure with preserved ejection fraction study

Aim: The early HFpEF study aims to investigate the association… read more


Nudging and pricing in supermarket setting.

Aim project: To investigate the effects of nudging and pricing… read more


Providing new perspectives on obesity

Aim project: SPOTLIGHT has systematically defined the factors necessary for… read more


The project aims to identify new molecular biomarkers of pre-diabetes and T2D development and to define a molecular taxonomy of type 2 diabetes mellitus.

Aim project: RHAPSODY is an EU Innovative Medicine Initiative (IMI)… read more


Recognizing Sudden Cardiac Arrest Vulnerability in Diabetes (see below for a short description of the project in English)

Aim project: To identify individuals at high risk for Sudden… read more


Onderzoek naar het effect van probiotica (goede darmbacteriën) op het bevorderen van vitamine K status

Gezocht proefpersonen Wilt u bijdragen aan wetenschappelijk onderzoek? Voor een… read more


Proteomic prediction and Renin angiotensin aldosterone system Inhibition prevention Of early diabetic nephRopathy In TYpe 2 diabetic patients with normoalbuminuria.

Aim project: The aim of the PRIORITY research project is… read more

Parelsnoer Project

Diabetes Pearl: creating an infrastructure to find risk factors, biomarkers and genetic determinants for complications.

Aim project: Type 2 diabetes is associated with considerable comorbidity… read more


prediction of diabetes progression

Aim project: To identify omics profiles improving prediction of diabetes… read more


Ouderen met Medicatie En Diabetes type 2 (OMED2) Studie

De Ouderen met Medicatie Diabetes type 2 Studie onderzoekt het… read more


Morbitiy and mortality registrations

All participants from the Hoorn study, the New Hoorn study… read more


Improving treatment adherence in people with diabetes mellitus

Aim project: The aim of the project is to develop… read more


Geoscience and health cohort consortium

Enabling research on environmental determinants of behaviours and health GECCO… read more


Exposome-NL project

Aim project: To systematically investigate environmental factors in relation to… read more


European Sudden Cardiac Arrest network: toward Prevention, Education and New Treatment

To combine Europe’s largest deep-phenotyped sudden cardiac arrest cohorts for… read more


Direct Diabetes

The overarching aims of the European consortium are to identify… read more


Tailoring care for type 2 diabetes patients using innovative methods to decrease patient burden, health care use and costs

The overall objective of the DIAMANT study is to tailor… read more


Diabetes and Dementia in Elderly non western Migrants

Aiotho vacature voor het onderzoeksproject DIADEEM: Op weg naar verbetering… read more

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