Tailoring care for type 2 diabetes patients using innovative methods to decrease patient burden, health care use and costs

The overall objective of the DIAMANT study is to tailor and improve diabetes care and to optimize shared decision making for persons with type 2 diabetes, thereby improving their health outcomes.


The research group is developing and validating dynamic models for the prediction of micro- and macrovascular complications using several (inter)national longitudinal observational databases. In contrast to existing models, we will include medication use and trends in risk factors, in addition to fixed baseline values of risk factors. The most optimal treatment plan will be identified using comparative effectiveness research applying to the observational data of persons with type 2 diabetes to reduce bias inherent in observational data. Finally, these results  will be combined into an IT tool for use in general practice. The tool will visualize individual risks and allow for distinguishing between persons at low and high risk for complications. The tool will visualize the expected impact of changes in lifestyle and treatment on the risk of complications for each patient, and will thus support shared decision-making concerning the most optimal monitoring frequency and treatment strategy based on changes in their risk factor profile.

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