Aim project: The aim of our study is to examine the effectiveness of introducing the PLISSIT model in improving sexual function, sexual satisfaction, and quality of life in both men and women with type 2 diabetes who are confronted with a sexual problem.

Men as well as women with diabetes have an elevated risk to be confronted with sexual problems. Sexual problems can have an important impact on interpersonal relationships and quality of life. Persons with type 2 diabetes (T2DM)  who have a sexual problem report twice as many depressive symptoms as those without sexual problems. Despite the high prevalence of sexual problems in men and women with diabetes and its high impact on daily life, sexual problems are a frequently neglected complication in diabetes care and diabetes research. A sexual health care management program for caregivers, called ‘the PLISSIT model’, has recently been developed. This model aims to improve caregivers’ skills to discuss and treat sexual problems. In our study, the PLISSIT-model will be introduced to and used by general practitioners. A pragmatic clustered randomized clinical trial in two parallel groups will be conducted to study the implementation and the effectiveness of the program.


The research group group is conducting the project in collaboration with General Practitioners in Amsterdam and West Friesland. Main researcher is Anne Bijlsma-Rutte (PhD-student). Petra Elders in project leader

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