Exposome-NL project

Aim project: To systematically investigate environmental factors in relation to behavior and cardiometabolic health

The environmental factors that we are exposed to on a daily basis influence our health. Our eating behavior, the air we breathe, social interactions and lifestyle choices explain an estimated 70% of the chronic disease burden. Given that most of the environmental factors are modifiable, this provides a huge potential for prevention. The exposome is characterized by non-genetic drivers of health and disease and comprises aspects of the built environment (characteristics of where we live), the social environment (with whom we interact, social networks and income), the physico-chemical environment (chemical substances we are exposed to) and the lifestyle/food environment what we eat, how much we exercise).

Within the Exposome-NL project we will use innovative methods to study the exposome and comprehensively investigate associations between the exposome and cardiometabolic health. The Exposome-NL project is led by Universiteit Utrecht and carried out in close collaboration with Amsterdam UMC, rijksuniversiteit Groningen, Universiteit Leiden, and UMC Utrecht.



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