Amber van der Heijden, PhD


Amber van der Heijden is postdoctoral researcher at the department of General Practice and Elderly Care Medicine of VU University Medical Center.

Amber obtained her Master degree in Health Sciences at VU University Amsterdam in 2006. Within the scope of this master she spent six months at Harvard School of Public Health. During her PhD research at VU University Medical Center, in collaboration with the Dutch National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM), she evaluated the (cost-) effectiveness of different diabetes care models and developed the MICADO simulation model for estimation of long term cost-effectiveness of diabetes related interventions. In 2010 she finished the Postgraduate Master’s program in Epidemiology and obtained her PhD in 2013.

Her research focusses on the prediction of complications in persons with type 2 diabetes and the use of prediction models for treatment optimization and facilitation of tailored and efficient care for persons with type 2 diabetes. She received a grant from the Dutch Diabetes Foundation to develop dynamic prediction models for micro-and macrovascular complications (the DIAMANT study) and she participates in the ESCAPE-NET consortium (supported by Horizon2020) for the development of models for the prediction of the occurrence of sudden cardiac arrest and survival after sudden cardiac arrest. She is responsible for data management of the Hoorn Diabetes Care System (DCS) cohort.

Amber is member of the Dutch Association Diabetes Research (NVDO) and the European Association for the Study of Diabetes (EASD). She is secretary of the Netherlands Diabetes Epidemiology Study Group (NDESG). 

Awards and grants
2017: T2DM-INTENSE: the development of a tailored E-health application for use in community pharmacies to analyse and improve medication non-adherence in people with type 2 diabetes mellitus using oral blood glucose lowering or antihypertensive medication (European Foundation for the Study of Diabetes)
2015: DIAMANT: Tailoring care for type 2 diabetes patients using innovative methods to decrease patient burden, health care use and costs (Dutch Diabetes Foundation)
2014: Validation of automated diabetic retinopathy screening with the IDx-DR device in the Hoorn Diabetes Care System (IDx  LLC, Iowa City, IA, USA)
2012: An innovative strategy for diagnostic fundoscopy in diabetes patients reduces care use and costs compared to usual care (ZonMw)
2011: Cardiovascular risk in type 2 diabetes patients: an innovative dynamic prediction model (International Diabetes Federation)
2006: Travel grant for a six month visit at Harvard School of Public Health, Boston, USA (Netherlands Heart Foundation)
2006: Travel grant for a six month visit at Harvard School of Public Health, Boston, USA (Dutch Diabetes Foundation)

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