Prof. Petra J.M. Elders, MD PhD


Prof. Dr. Elders is a senior Academic GP and works two days a week in the family practice she founded in the vicinity of the VUmc.  She leads the research group together  with Joline Beulens since 2014.  After a career as a research active but full-time general practitioner since 1994 (projects included fracture prevention, fall prevention, management of diabetes and elderly care programs, dr Elders became main researcher and research coordinator of the Academic GP Research Network of VUmc in 2008 which she gained a vast experience in clinical trial design, conduct and analysis and implementation research in the primary care setting. Dr. Elders is a senior Academic GP. Most of her work focused on the effectivity and implementation of  chronic care in the primary care setting. Her main areas of expertise are Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus and Osteoporosis in Primary Care.

She is project leader of several scientific projects on the epidemiology and pathophysiology of type 2 diabetes and Osteoporosis. She is leader of the Diabetes Pearl of the Strings Initiative.

Her special research focuses are fourfold:

-              epidemiology and pathophysiology of type 2 diabetes
-              the prevention of type 2 diabetes,
-              diabetes care  and diabetes care models
-              osteoporosis care models

Awards and grants

The development of an E-health application for use in community pharmacies to analyze and improve medication non-adherence in people with type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM) using oral blood glucose and blood pressure lowering drugs. 2017-2020  €500.000 European Foundation for the study of Diabetes (EFSD)

Implementation study of a Transmural Fracture Liaison Service, 2015-2017, €103.000

Stepped Screening for Osteoporosis in primary care practices. Trial population study in n=248 general practices, 2010-1017,  €1400.000 (stichting Achmea Gezondheidszorg+ Stichting Artsen Laboratorium & Trombosedienst)

The effectiveness of optimizing pharmacological treatment of patients with geriatric problems in primary care. Near completion,Zonmw€450.000, 2012-2017

Mondriaan project  TI-pharma € 200.000  2012-2013

Zorgstandaard overgewicht bij kinderen Achmea €40.000 2012-2014

Standardised shoe advice versus podologic treatment in general practices, 2009-2012,  €260.000

Multifactorial evaluation and treatment of persons with a high risk of falling: a randomized controlled trial, 2008-2010: €260.000

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